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A range of personnalized products that fits your needs

sac_fruits_et_légumes_biodégradable        produce bags

puce_verte   With or without handles   puce_verte   Compact or traditional  puce_verte  In rolls or bundles



BAGHERRA_buste_man_fagiolo_biodegradabili BAGHERRA_loop_handle_biodegradabili (1)sac_a_poignée

Vest type carrier bags    puce_verte     Loop handles    puce_verte    Without handle    puce_verte     With cutaway or non-reinforced handles   puce_verte   Bundles

leaf-black-shape BIODEGRADABLE cropped-favicon-1.png RECYCLABLE



From 10 L to 240 L    puce_verte   With or without strings

leaf-black-shape BIODEGRADABLE   cropped-favicon-1.png RECYCLABLE



 I-Grande-17494-sac-de-course-cabas-compact-reutilisable.netpuce_verte   Folded bags  puce_verte  PolyPro bags  puce_verte  Paper bags