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Bagherra bags are made from green and renewable resources, a biodegradable and compostable material (the MATER-BI) developed by Novamont, the Italian laboratory.

Our products are certified EN13432 and OK COMPOST  and OK COMPOST HOME by the Vinçotte laboratory. They also meet the requirements of the French Energy Transition Law.

We offer fruits and vegetables bags, vest-type checkout carrier bags and refuse bags. Please contact us for more information.




Bagherra has developed a range of  plastic bags that integrate up to 80% recycled plastic from post-consumer waste and internal waste production. This material offers a good alternative to reduce the use of fossil raw materials.

Our reusable plastic bags (recycled plastic) meet the requierements of the French Energy Transition Law.


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Quality & Requirement

Bagherra, it's more than 15 years of experience, partnership and commitment to a sustainable and respectful consumption to preserve the land we pass on to our children.

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