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Reusable bags

Reusable bags The best form of waste is that which is never created. Let’s go back to our origins and use reusable packaging solutions. Our solutions For this purpose, Bagherra offers a range of solutions made from vegetable origins (organic cotton), recycled origins (R-PET) or sustainably-sourced (PET). Both washable and re-usable, they mark the end...

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Recycled Plastic

The Recycled Bags Bagherra has decided to use recycled plastic for its bin bags to be used to collect waste for incineration. Why incinerate non-renewable resources during their first lifecycle when the plastic waste sector is so well-managed?

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Kraft has a recognised natural appearance and is an undeniable marker of quality. Resulting from sustainably-managed forests, our kraft paper packaging solutions assist with sorting and recycling of waste whilst also protecting nature. In the same vein as organically-sourced bags, our Kraft bags can be used to sort compostable organic waste. Our range includes a...

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Organically-sourced bags are made using renewable, vegetable and synthetic micro-organic resources. This biodegradable material can then be composted both domestically and industrially. Organically-sourced packaging can be used to buy fruit and veg, carry your shopping or re-used to package kitchen waste (peelings, leftovers, etc.) for composting.A range of bin-bags is also available. By 2023, it...

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